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Definition:A softer, beach-body compared to the Fitness Model Class. Competitors should not have a 6 pack abs. Judged just in bikini.Download Bikini Model PDF here.

Am I a Bikini or Fitness Model?

For female competitors the difference between Bikini and Fitness Model may be slight. Critically a female fitness model can be harder, best defined as allowed to have and display a six pack abdominals. In terms of a female competitor asking “Am I a Bikini or Fitness Model?” the answer is not solely about the body. At the extreme of both divisions there is an obvious difference between a soft bikini competitor and a developed fitness competitor with chiseled abs. However, 80% of competitors will have a body that will fit either both division, with a combination of some developed muscle groups yet softness elsewhere. Indeed, up to 2012 both types of competitor were in the one division (Sports Model) and still in smaller contests we will only offer the Fitness Model division for everyone to enter. Therefore apart from using the “six pack” guideline, a competitor can also choose a division based on which title, ideals and criteria suits their competitive ambitions.

Bikini Model

The Bikini division offers a contest for members who compete at the softer range of physical development.

(1) A competitor who prefers to develop and maintain a bikini body shape and physique.

(2) A competitor with a naturally occurring bikini body who wishes to compete immediately.

(3) A complete novice.

Once a Bikini competitor develops increased muscle tone and/or six pack abdominals she will move into the Fitness Model division. "6 pack abdominals" serves as a very good grade. A Bikini competitor can have a flat stomach but if she has defined abdominals, they should enter Fitness Model. Competitors should display a very confident and feminine attitude and keep a relaxed posture. There is no flexing allowed. This is not a Bodybuilding or Figure competition.

Bikini Diva Required Attire A two-piece fashion bikini. There is no restriction on fabric or style. However, avoid the ‘posing costume’ typical of Ms Physique and Bodybuilders. A Bikini Model will be better served wearing a bikini that displays a sense of fashion and style. Competitors also wear high heels during their round.

A Bikini competitor will deliver a combination of these objectives: Beauty Overall cosmetic appearance, photogenic, skin tone and physical appeal.

Poise and General Impression Overall grooming, personality, self assurance, composure and walk, Tone Overall physical tone with no muscle separation. The judges are not looking for muscle mass or muscle separation. They are looking for shapely, toned bodies.

Symmetry & Proportion Overall structural harmony of the figure relative to the shape and size of various body parts and proportional balance of opposite body parts. The upper and lower extremities should flow aesthetically when viewed from all sides creating a balanced and symmetrical appearance.

Bikini Division consists of one round that has two elements – an individual stage walk and group comparisons. Competitors may either come out individually or as a group to perform a stage walk – there is no set path for a stage walk as stage shape and dimension varies greatly between venues. The path will be outlined to competitors on the contest day. However, all stage walks finish with each competitor performing the 4 symmetry quarter turns (in their own time) in the centre of the stage. During the stage walk judges will be assessing stage presence and confidence, execution of quarter turns, bikini model walk, appearance, bikini selection and overall presentation.

In the symmetry round, all competitors face the judging panel and perform four quarter turns as a whole line-up. Bikini competitors have freedom to shape their body on each turn so it looks most appealing. The turns and stances should be model-like and relaxed. Do not perform turns like Figure or Ms Physique competitors who (pose) present in a flexed, strict stance. A Bikini competitor’s stage persona and self confidence is as important as their appearance.

Judges look for:

50% Stage Walk
Stage craft: Presence and self assurance, engage the audience/judges.
Walk: Bikini model walk, confidence moving across the stage and turning
Presentation: Appearance, bikini selection, physical attractiveness and grooming.
50% Quarter Turn Comparisons
Body: Physique should display a shapely, toned body.
Appearance: Physical attractiveness and photogenic appeal
Execution: Ability to turn and stand with confidence and grace like a bikini model
Symmetry: Overall shape and line


Sub-Classes: Bikini Momma's (for competitors who have had children). For separating large line ups of Bikini Momma's we may split the division by time since birth of last child, as in less than 2 years, 2-5 year's, 5+ year's at the discretion of the promoter. The look and criteria for the sub class is identical to Bikini Model with the only exception being that each female to qualify must have given birth at least once.

The Bikini Momma’s subclass is an athlete honesty system, we do not need birth certificates or other proof that you have given birth, we know that the spirit of sport and fair play will always prevail and the idea of Bikini Momma’s is to act as a role model for the family unit and to make nutrition and exercise a vital part of the Australian family structure.

The male equivalent of Bikini Model is called Mr. Beach Body and is listed as a subclass under Male Fitness, this is a one round event in shorts/beach wear, please see Male Fitness for a fuller explanation.

Bikini Type of Tan required - This division does not require competitors to be extremely dark like you see in the bodybuilding divisions. A dark spray tan is sufficient. If you use a bodybuilding top coat product we suggest you spread it thinly so as not to be too dark.

ICN Australia advises that every competitor should understand that the judges guidelines are updated regularly and that website visitors should refresh their cache to make sure they are seeing the most up-to-date version of the page. Rule changes are recorded on the official Rules and Regulations page 'click here' for the latest rule modifications.