Rules and Regulations

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Latest update 10/02/2022 5:23 pm
ICN may sanction events although not conducted by or part of the ICN calendar. Affiliate Members are bound by ICN rules and doping policy from the date they join and terminate when event placings are Official - after the return of the drug test results and finalised placings. A positive drug test by an Affiliate Member at a sanctioned event will have all penalties outlined in the current ICN Doping Policy applied.
A division may be amalgamated with another if less than three competitors register.
Please look at the Divisions page via the link in the main menu.
No restriction on colour or design.
You are required to enter prior to the event. No entries are accepted on the day. This policy is necessary because iCompete gives each entrant a competitor trophy. Furthermore, the appropriate drug testing has to be planned, competitor details entered into the computer scoring program and we like to have all competitor names and details printed in the contest program.
An ICN Entry Form constitutes an application to compete. ICN reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any Application at their discretion and at any time, prior to the athlete competing.
To compete in the Australian titles, members must be an Australian citizen or have a working or residency visa for Australia. However, only Australian citizens or aliens who have lived in Australia for the past five years can win and receive the title of ICN Mr/Ms Australia and represent Australia. If a non-Australian citizen possessing the work/residency visa required to compete does win the Australian championship, they will be given the Overall Australian Title and the runner up will be awarded the Mr/Ms Australia title and represent Australia.
The best way to get feedback is to speak to the judges on the actual day. You will find that they stay back usually for up to an hour if required, just to chat to people wanting feedback. The main reason to do it on contest day of course is because you will be fresh in their minds. It's hard to ask a judge several days after a competition to remember the details of every competitor, especially seeing all they have is a number. So speak directly to as many judges as you can immediately after the show finishes, or even during a scheduled break, naturally you can't speak to judges during the competition.
At most events, there will be professional photographers taking pictures that you can purchase. Also, most ICN contests are professionally filmed and the DVD is available for purchase.
All members of ICN are eligible to compete in ICN International Natural contests. Most International events require a Top 5 placing in your division in any Australian domestic event and then participation at either of the two (2) Australian National Titles - your placing at the Australian Titles or City National Titles has no bearing on eligibility.
To receive an ICN Invitation to compete at the Australian Titles the competitor must satisfy two criteria. Invitations are rarely granted:
i) The competitor must be of Australian standard.
ii) Have a reason why the competitor is unable to compete and qualify.
It is considered that if a competitor avoids competing in order to qualify they have an unfair advantage - they only have to peak once. Reasons accepted in the past, include they were needed to act in an official capacity - i.e. a judge, or they were competing elsewhere on the same day.
Competitors must sign an invoice on the entry form stating they will pay for the cost of the drug tests if they fail. If the competitor passes the drug test, ICN pays the cost.
Every event will have an odd number of judges, the head judge is known as the ‘Chairman of Judges’. Judging is subjective based on the guidelines and personal preferences of the judges. Judging can vary from location to location and over time according to the prevailing popularity of certain looks and trends. Judging is executed based on the competitors on stage. The Chairman of Judges can ask any competitor to do any reasonable action, whether it’s a regulation pose or not, so that the panel of judges can see the bodies better in an effort to adjudicate more fairly. Athletes should be cognizant of the fact that they may be requested to perform walking, standing and posing that they may not have practised.
You must be a member of ICN and registered on the Random Drug Testing Program to compete and receive ICN benefits. You must join as a Premium Member to compete in ICN Events. If you enter a contest via our Online Entry Form you can join or rejoin on the Entry form! Otherwise, become a Member now by joining online or downloading the Membership form and mailing.
  • Join between January 1 and June 30 your membership is renewable on December 31
  • Join between July 1 and December 31 your membership is renewable on June 30 the following year

Membership refunds are rarely given and only apply to those people who have not competed yet. Once you compete there is no refund. We can only consider a refund if you join and cancel prior to competing less a $35 administration fee. You must make a written application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the reasons why you should get a refund, reasons such as you changed your mind will not be considered. The refund clause is only for genuine hardships that can be documented by third parties.

Misconduct by an ICN competitor at an event will attract point deductions on their score. Misconduct by any ICN member, at any time, may incur a suspension from competing. Misconduct can also cover drug testing as ICN considers cheating by natural competitors as blatant Misconduct. Hence in addition to any penalty imposed under the ICN Anti-Doping Policy, the ICN may impose a second sanction under Misconduct. If a competitor fails to a request to supply a sample for testing, fails on more than one substance, fails for taking a substance that ICN considers a known bodybuilding drug, or fails for taking an anabolic substance, the ICN can impose a second sanction - which is usually a LIFE ban.
Athletes with muscle implants/injections are not eligible to compete.
First-year of competing in a specific division.

Example: if you compete in both Fitness Model and Figure International this year, your novice status in both divisions will expire at the end of the year. However, if you compete only in Fitness Model this year, the following year, you are able to compete as a novice in Figure International. Your one-year novice status is specific to the division, regardless of your results.

Novice is your first year of competing in a specific division. This means enter your first contest between January 1 and June 30 your Novice status continues until December 31. (Novice for Season A and B). Enter your first contest between July 1 and December 31 your Novice status continues until June 30 the following year. (Novice for Season B and A).
Competitors who fail to complete an event by not appearing on stage for the Trophy Presentation will be considered a "No-Show" and given last place. ICN deems a competitor, who does not, or can not make the Finals for the announcement of placings, has not completed the event. Circumstances within or outside the control of a competitor may prevent them from making the Presentation. However, until the scores and placings have been announced a competitor is still subject to the rules of competition requiring athletes to complete the event. "Bad-luck" is part of sport. ICN can not correct bad-luck. Like a competitor who falls sick the night before the event, will not be compensated by the promoters delaying the event until the following weekend, if a competitor fails to make the Trophy Presentation due to illness, accident or circumstances outside their control, ICN can not correct the unfairness or bad-luck.
Once judging has begun in any division you cannot take your position on stage. The responsibility is yours to know when you are ready to go on stage and to be in the line up to all walk on stage at the same time. No excuse will be accepted, no refund for the division fees will be given. You will be able however to receive your competitor gifts.
ICN focuses on offering great prizes to competitors. State winners may receive a trip to compete at the Australian titles. The Australian Open Male and Ms Figure winner will receive a substantial Travel Award to represent Australia at a major international event.
Those competing in the Teenage, Junior or Senior division may be required to show provide proof of age; drivers licence or birth certificate. The minimum age for all competitors, all divisions is 15 years as of January 1st.
ICN Australia has a qualification system in place designed to make sure that competitors meet the required development for any specific event. For those events that have qualification criteria, the qualification is that a member has placed in the top 5 in any ICN domestic competition in the previous 12 months prior to the competition in question.

How to Qualify for the City Nationals and Australian Titles:

All competitors must qualify to compete at the City Nationals and Australian titles by achieving one of the following: 

During the current year:

      • Top five in any ICN contest
      • Special invitation from an ICN State President


  • All permanent NSW state residents are exempt from qualifying for the City National
Members can refuse to participate in a drug test on the contest day or with the RDTP and incur no cost. However, drug testing is the cornerstone behind Natural Bodybuilding, and as such a refusal is considered gross Misconduct by an ICN Member and the Member will be subject to a lifetime ban.
Members who do not intend to compete again should notify ICN of their decision in writing. This will remove their name from the RDTP.
There are two restrictions for females when entering divisions and one restriction for males, as follows:

Female: Bikini Model and Fitness Model
Female: Ms Figure and Bodybuilding
Male: Mr Physique and Bodybuilding
You have not competed in the division you enter more than 4 times in your life, includes all federations.
ICN Australia offers 'Provisional Qualification' for our competitors to enter International Events.

Top 5 in every division at every ICN domestic show in the previous 12 months (from date of the International contest) provisionally qualify for International Competition. The provision is, competitors need to also compete in the City Nationals in June or the Australian Titles in October – however your place at the National or Australian Titles will not affect your International qualification. ICN Australia wishes to open the opportunity to be part of Team Australia to as many competitors as possible. By providing “early (provisional) qualification” allows competitors to save and plan for what may be a trip of a lifetime. ICN understands that many people need to apply for annual leave many months prior and also to take advantage of using airline Frequent Flyer programs, early bookings are required.

All ICN Australia members wishing to compete Internationally must send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your intention to compete, you will then be contacted privately and given instructions on how to proceed.
The promoters of any event have the right to alter the conditions without notice. The schedule of events that may be publicised is only an estimate, neither the order of divisions nor the approximate times are guaranteed, they are only a guide. The judging interpretation of divisions is subjective and under the control of the Chairman of Judges, neither the promoters nor sanctioning body can be held responsible for the subjective opinion of the judging panel. All results are final except in the case of disqualification due to a breach of the banned substance code.
A Competitor who displays any sign of using drugs (i.e. bitch tits) is encouraged not to compete until they have rectified the problem. This is regardless of their drug-free status. The credibility of the Naturals and the competitor themselves is undermined when the audience see what they believe is the result of drug use on stage in a natural contest. The judges will be notified to treat any sign of drug use as a substantial fault and mark the competitor down.
All competitors receive a trophy. If a competitor returns a positive drug test, the trophy must be returned to ICN.