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See you all on the other side of midnight

The year of 2020 has come to a close and 2021 is about to begin and with it brings new hopes for an uninterrupted year of natural competitions all over the world. In Australia, we ran about a dozen shows in 2020, including the Australian National Championships and the highly respected Southern Cross. In 2021 we would love to get back to full strength, where we run between 60 to 80 events a year, depending on if we stage any of the International events or not. We are Australia's oldest natural bodybuilding and sports modelling association, we take great pride in the fact that we are the ONLY Australian association, based on the fact that we have an active state and territories circuit that runs competitions, every year. Regardless of where you live in the vast continent of Australia, you will have competitions, it's wonderful that we can provide this exposure to you. From Tassie to Darwin, via the ACT and across all the major states, the ICN is everywhere, creating new opportunities and growing the sport and allied industry. We will continue to give exposure to our members thrusting them into the elite athlete category where they can begin to earn a living or at least subsidise the costs of events that we proudly keep to the barest possible minimum. Our PRO league is growing and more Australian's are taking home real cash $$$ but only after they have passed the stringent drug testing procedures they must undertake. So bring on 2021, we are ready for you, the ICN has been going strong since 1991 and we are not going to stop being number one, any time soon. See you all on the other side of midnight.