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ICN PRO Night Of Champions at the Fitness Show overwhelming success

The first day of the 2017 ICN Australian Amateur Muscle & Model Championships plus ICN PRO Night Of Champions at the Fitness Show was an overwhelming success on every level. The athletes were world class and many of the PRO's traveled from all over the word with perhaps Antony Bessala travelling the most, all the way from France. The audience was as you can see, chock a block full all day and night. Everything ran like clockwork, it was the beginning of the new world order we promised back on the 1st January when we announced we were going alone, cutting away the chains that were weighing us down, creating a new name, new logo and new and BETTER way of running a genuine natural amateur association and professional league. With out and in competition drug testing, unbelievable cash prize money, probably the best venue on the planet, an expected 40,000 people through the turnstiles to watch MEGA sporting event plus several television channels booking time with our athletes - well simply stated, we have arrived - in style and on time!!! Did we mention 800 entrants were going around over the three days? Without putting too fine a point on it, if you take away the major 3 or 4 sporting events in the world like the Olympics, Soccer etc. you will struggle to find many sports that can accommodate so many entrants and some of them had 30 minutes stage time, none of that rushing them through and just grabbing money. In fact we paid them to compete with the prize money being equally distributed to all Professional placegetters. So if you are excited and want to see the best amateur's in Australia which hail from all 8 states and territories then you can still come along on Saturday and Sunday (14th & 15th October) or watch the live results on the ICN Members Portal (Fitness Wall) at - you will need to grab a FREE lifetime social membership, all we want is your e-mail address. 

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