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2022 ICN Rising Star & Rookie of the Year Championships

The first show of 2022 is the 2022 ICN Rising Star & Rookie of the Year Championships which is our pride and joy, a speciality duo of events that cater very specifically for the beginning or less experienced members. We were the first to create the concept of actually STOPPING members from entering if they had too much experience. 31 years ago we coined the phrase 'Level Playing Field' in our mission statement and through this time-honoured ICN event we are carrying out that pledge. To learn more about the Rookie and Rising Star and to become fully informed, you can read online or download the Event Information PDF. Information for ICN Members and Guests. Please note the later starting time of 12 Noon. Tickets are only available at the door of the Glen Eira Town Hall, Caulfield, Victoria from 11.00 AM.