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It's time to experience the ultimate in natural bodybuilding and sports modelling

It's time to experience the ultimate in natural bodybuilding and sports modelling - it's doesn't matter where in the world you live or train, as long as you're an iCompete member you can compete in the VICTORIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - check out the full details here.  

There is no argument when it comes to ULTRA HIGH quality events, from the very first moment you register via iCompete till the moment you drive out of the Moonee Valley Racecourse after the show, nothing compares to the way TEAM VIC looks after every single entrant.

From the fabulous trophies and competitor gifts, the amazing trade displays, the world class stage and lighting, the professional M.C.'s and music, the marshaling experts in an area that's larger than a football field, the rolling check-in, the stress free day, free food, networking opportunities, media coverage and attention to every single detail that has made competing in the VIC's a legendary experience.

The VIC's caters to every level, beginners, first timers, novice and so many other divisions right through to the Open. The VIC's are a leading PRO qualifier event, your stepping stone towards becoming an INBA PRO and competing against the best in the world at exotic locations for fantastic cash prizes.

Register right now, you can edit (amend) your entry right up till the closing date, order merchandise, fill out your profile, promote your event to family and friends via the iCompete Fit Wall and pay at the venue on the day.

Life simply doesn't get any better than competing at the VIC's, this years marks the 25th consecutive running of the event and we pledge to make it the best ever - nothing will stop us from delivering a world class event to you - this isn't marketing hype, it's not just a throw away line, we are serious, we have a large full time permanent staff that works all year to bring this event to you.

The VIC's is more than just one day, you will get a week of activity leading into the contest, numerous communication, your event numbers published, the program times for when you will be on stage (approximately) to assist your entourage, trainers certificates, more social media exposure than all the other feds combined as our more than one dozen full time staff keep pumping out the images, results and profiles making your event last for weeks.