BANNER ADS: Large, prime position (top of the content section) on our regular web pages (not the home page) in one year blocks payable in advance with a link back to your own website or Facebook profile! That's the best exposure you can get, on the leading natural bodybuilding, bikini and fitness modelling website on Earth created in 1991.

If you land on a regular webpage and it has the example banner above displayed on it (Generic Banner Example), that means it's available to be rented. If there is a different banner on any regular webpage it means that page is already rented out and you can submit your name and contact details and go on a waiting list for it. Banner ads are 600 pixels wide by 80 pixels high (600 x 80).

SIDEBAR ADS: We can place an advertisement for you in either of our sidebars which would be visible on the home page of our website, this is the best advertising in Australia for a business in the natural physique space. The ad would also link back to your website or Facebook page. Sidebar ads are 170 pixels wide by 250 pixels high (170 x 250).

The image above shows how we have sidebars down both the left hand and right hand side of almost every page in the website. That's the best advertising in Australia for a business in the natural physique space. It's little wonder we are ranked so highly on Google for natural bodybuilding/modelling/tfx etc.

IMPRESSIONS: Only available on the ICN Members Portal at these are limited and for full details please contact Ron Ziemiecki on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting 'IMPRESSIONS' information.

You can do your own research about all our forms of advertising, in fact we strongly recommend you do, there simply isn't any comparison - it's a slam dunk, ICN Australia are light years ahead of everybody else. That however is NOT our trump card, Loyalty is, we've had advertisers with us for years and years, they renew yearly and are happy to do so, they know a great deal and we have been around for 26 years so we aren't going away anytime soon. To book your advertising or for pricing information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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ICN Australia is a unique association of 8 smaller associations, one representing each of the eight states and territories within Australia. Unless you have fair and equal representation across Australia you are not truly a national sports association like ICN Australia is.

When it comes to advertising and sponsorship's the question of exclusivity usually comes up and there simply is no such thing within the ICN Australia association. Any company, business or person can select either one of two main forms of advertising, which are:

ICN Australia National Website Advertising, which is fully documented above, banners and sidebar ads. If you are a current paid national website advertiser you can put on your own promotional literature that you are an ‘ICN Australia National Website Advertiser’.

ICN State Sponsor must be confirmed by the State President and must be expressed as follows ‘ICN VIC Approved’ if for example you have been approved as a sponsor for an ICN Victorian event, just like you could say ICN QLD Approved if you were approved by the ICN Queensland President.

No Company, business or person is ever approved nationally. A company can enter into 8 individual agreements and in so doing extent their coverage to the maximum possible, therefore as an example a company operating on say the east coast of Australia could after signing agreements with the four relative State Presidents state ‘ICN QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC Approved’.

Companies opting for the website advertising do not need to be state sponsors and vice versa. For the purpose of clarity, some states have individual promoters for example the ICN TROPIX which is located in far northern Queensland in Townsville. A company could sign a sponsorship agreement with the event promoter and be able to state on their literature ‘ICN TROPIX Approved’, when promoting their product.

Therefore it is possible that you could see up to 8 similar products produced by 8 different companies all claiming they are Approved, it’s important to understand that they must write which States/Territories they are approved for when advertising their products and using the ICN.

It is totally at the State Presidents discretion who he/she accepts as a sponsor, he/she may if so inclined have numerous sponsors for example selling supplements. You can contact any state president or promoter by clicking here and for national website advertising please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


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