Sports Model


Appearance: Does she look like a sports model - project a natural, healthy appearance? 
Beauty: Is she beautiful?
Poise: Does she walk and hold her stage presence with confidence Charisma?

Sports Models & Fitness Models should have a more trained look and aim to display six-pack abdominals. Fitness Models are judged in bikini and sports models are judged in sportswear (usually supplied). In all Classes, all competitors perform a stage walk, there is no set path for a stage walk as stage shape and size varies greatly between venues. The path will be outlined to competitors on the contest day.



The poses from top to bottom, left to right are:

Sportsmodel: Variation Front Pose

Sportsmodel: Variation 1/4 turn to right

Sportsmodel Variation: 1/4 turn to face rear of stage

Sportsmodel Variation: 1/4 turn to right