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All Female Classic Facebook Group Guessing Competition Winner is Brooke Rampal

INBA Australia Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness Model & Bikini Model Competitions.

Congratulations to Brooke Rampal who is the winner of the 2015 INBA All Female Classic Guessing Competition who was closest first to describing the robe pictured. Tony Lanciano is having these robes made (also a shorter version) in time for the AFC and each lady competitor will get one, so keep your fingers crossed that they are delivered in time.

The prize is a beautiful LIFT-iQ 'Hot Pink' Cap. LIFT-iQ is a massive game-changer that is getting ready for launch around the time of the AFC. Please sneak over to the website and take a look at how this futuristic technology is going to enhance your training very soon, the website is and INBA Australia is very pleased to be working with LIFT-iQ and wish them every success in the future.

Brooke, we will make sure you get your cap, wear it with pride. We think you'll agree this INBA Australia news item is a ripper, please share on Facebook with your friends.

Just to finish on a high, we still have one month to go till the 2015 INBA All Female Classic (AFC) and the real question is, how high will the umber of competitors go, we think lots and we always caution you about leaving it too late to register. 

We spent a kings ransom on developing iCompete so you can register right now and pay later, you will be able to pay either online or on the day of the comp, the important part is knowing how many competitors there will be so we can get the numbers right for things like ordering these amazing AFC robes to give you, and that's only one of the prizes, there are heaps of others like the awesome Gym bags for example. So please help us to help you and register right now and pay later via iCompete