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NOTE: To see how you earn an INBA PRO Card in one the following 7 divisions please go to the INBA PRO QUALIFIER page.

          MALE FEMALE 
           PRO Men's Bodybuilding  PRO Ms Figure
           PRO Mr Physique  PRO Bikini Model
           PRO Men’s Fitness  PRO Fitness Model
           PRO Sports Model 


Bali Paradise International PRO Show, Bali. 29 & 30 October, 2016

Australian PRO Show, Melbourne at the Australian Fitness expo October, 2017 
Bali Paradise International PRO Show, Bali October, 2017.

In accepting an INBA PRO Card, you acknowledge and accept the following conditions set out by the INBA PRO League Committee.  A breach of any rule may see you forfeit your PRO status – this is not a ban from the organisation as you return to Amateur Status – this is a measure to protect the brand recognition of the INBA PRO League and all its PRO Athletes.

1. When entering an INBA PRO contest, you can only enter one PRO division regardless that you may hold a PRO card in more than one division – it means you have a choice to make each show.

2. You will only be able to compete in PRO shows and no longer be eligible for any amateur shows in that Division. You may still be able to compete Amateur in other divisions, that you are not a PRO in. E.g. If you are a bikini Model PRO and want to step into the Fitness Model division, you need to win a Amateur Fitness Model Open division and then compete in an INBA PRO qualifier show for a chance to win a Fitness Model PRO card and gain your PRO status in Fitness Model. You will still keep your current Bikini Model PRO status.

3. You only need to keep your INBA Membership current each year to retain your PRO statue. Our motto is “Once a PRO always a PRO” until you retire (don’t renew your membership).

4. There is no fee or cost to receive your INBA PRO Card. In recognition of your INBA PRO status you will receive (until you retire) free access as a spectator to watch any INBA competition in Australia. Simply contact the Promoter prior to the event so we can also promote that you are attending. You are now a Star!

5. Once accepted you will no longer compete in any other federation.

 All Inquiries for the INBA Australian PRO Qualifier League should be directed to
Tony Lanciano Australian President - 0402 555 505
Jason Woodforth QLD President - (07) 5428 6680
Rab Mehajer NSW President - 0402 999 905
Sam Attrill WA President - 0403 165 496

Effective as of 1st January 2017



To lookup your professional status please login to iCompete natural to see whether or not you are a current pro and whether or not you are currently financial (Premium Membership)  

Whilst inside the iCompete Natural portal you can see a lot of your other statistics which are updated automatically for you convenience.