It's going to be a sensational day of sporting and fitness excellence, see you there!!!

Thank you to the magnificent natural athletes who have once again made the ICN Rising Star & Rookie of the Year Championships a huge success. With 352 entrants when the registration closed last night at midnight, it proved once again that people like rules and regulations which a strictly enforced. The concept pioneered by the ICN and of course the usual boofheads said it would never work, has risen to be our most successful event.

The definition of Rising Star and Rookie is shown in the image. People have voted with their feet to endorse that we protect beginner and people with limited stage experience. These people are our future and we must protect their interests Wayne McDonald ICN Founder said recently in a televised interview. Along those lines we also drug test these beginner competitions and not only th winners but a random selection so that everyone knows, if you attempt to circumvent our anti-doping rules you will get caught.

The show starts on Sunday for the general public at 10.00 AM, the athletes will be there earlier of course getting ready. Tickets are available for cash only, their are no credit card facilities at the venue entrance. Seating is excellent throughout the venue, the backstage area is legendary and everyone is welcome to 'go backstage' and network and soak in the real atmosphere. Free parking and Wifi, trade displays and of course, the best lighting and sound, superb backdrop for photography, side of stage interviews by the genius Ian Adams from IAP and his team of interviewing celebrity ladies, plus so much more. Don't forget our Trainer Awards and the most important thing of all, BRING YOUR CHILDREN, we are family friend to the extreme and we encourage the kiddies to have signs painted and they need to practice screaming. It's going to be a sensational day of sporting and fitness excellence, see you there!!!