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ICN the first organisation to offer Transformation (TFX)

iCompete Natural (ICN) is honoured to be the first organisation to offer Transformation (TFX) competitions on a worldwide scale. The inaugural Abu Dhabi Fitness Expo will also be the first ICN Transformation event in the Middle East with the pinnacle World Transformation Championship hosted in Dubai this December 2018.

Transformation events run by an established natural bodybuilding, fitness and modelling organisation offers several beneficial advantages for Personal Trainers and participants. Traditionally TFX events have been hosted by self-serving businesses with the objective to promote and sell more of their product. Whereas, ICN Transformation events are focused on promoting the fitness industry and specifically Personal Trainers; so, you can transform the shape and lives of more people.

We live in a modern era of ease and obesity and the demand for knowledgeable trainers to motivate, educate and lead the world away from ‘Globesity’ and create individual success stories is ever increasing. The objective of ICN Transformation events is to provide Personal Trainers with a vehicle to both promote their abilities and to offer your clients continuous events as goals and motivation to keep training with you. Added to this is the excitement and opportunity for your clients to travel to destinations both close-by and worldwide as a reward after completing a transformation period.

ICN Transformation events are more cost effective for your clients because they are not required to purchase any product as part of participation. They are not required to use any particular supplement brand exclusively. Therefore, your client has more cash to spend on your services and their diet is 100% what you recommend.

For new clients to enter the Abu Dhabi Transformation event we are offering a 30 Day Transformation division for you to promote and sell a 30 day TFX package specifically for this event. Longer TFX periods are offered for your existing clients to enter (45 day up to 1 year). This means they can enter the contest even if they have completed the transformation period with you – all they need is ‘Before and After’ photos of their achievement to enter.

The attached event information gives you details on how to enter and what happens at the Abu Dhabi Transformation event. Each client enters the event online at

The benefits:
· A Transformation Challenge provides you with the opportunity to attract new clients for entering a Body Transformation.
· Our continuous Transformation events (around the world) can be motivation for your existing clients to stay with you.
· The Personal Trainer of each TFX division winner will be presented with an Trainers Award on stage with your client. The ICN Trainers Award gives your Transformation knowledge and achievement international recognition.
· With every successful transformation you will receive Fame by creating ‘Transformation Champions’ and increase your client base by having success with a range of different people as we offer divisions for male and female, youths, and finally people with medical and physical challenges.
· Entering clients into the Transformation Challenges therefore enables you to earn more money.

We look forward to seeing you and your transformation clients showing their achievements in Abu Dhabi this May. If you have any further questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.