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ICN announces the launch of TFX which stands for TRANSFORMATIONS

This is the breakthrough the world has been waiting for, the ICN (iCompete Natural Worldwide) proudly announces the launch of TFX. TFX stands for TRANSFORMATIONS and for the last 27 years we have been advocating good health and fitness via natural methods such as clean nutrition, regular exercize and staying away from harmful substances and drugs. One of the great aspects of our ICN Lifestyle is that many people lose unwanted body fat and that is what we call a transformation, that is what TFX is all about. 
We have incorporated the TFX into the overall ICN technology which is already best of breed and now every person, regardless of the length of time, regardless of how much they have transformed, is eligible to stand on stage the exact same way that our natural athletes and sports models do. It's your time to shine on stage and have your friends and family present to see you and love you even more because their is less of you. This opens up all the thrill, glamour, glitz and reward you have earned by taking charge of your health and fitness and become fitter. This isn't about numbers, this is about healthy transformations and having that moment at the end when you can justifiably feel proud and be acknowledged by your peers and loved ones. We have a fantastic event information PDF available for free instant download here: