Daniel Knust has just two words for you - NEVER QUIT

NEVER QUIT. When years of hard work chasing your dream, finally pays off.

Over 12 years of bodybuilding training. A gruelling 6 month prep, made up of hard work, insanely long sessions, cardio, steps, dieting, sacrifice, sweat, tears, missing family events, not socialising and more.

I have never pushed myself so hard, for anything in my life - ever. I have always considered myself to be a fairly strong minded person, but I had never been tested or pushed myself to my limits like this before. It was an extremely valuable learning curve, as I’ve always believed we truly don’t know how much we can achieve, until we FORCE ourselves way outside of our comfort zone and find those limits.

The physical and mental barriers were way more real than I thought they could be. It was much harder than I expected. Even to the point that I wasn’t sure I could keep going at times.

I cried more times in my last month of prep, than I have in my whole 31 years of life combined, no b*llsh*t. It was really weird, and I can’t even explain to you why, but I just did. I guess a culmination of the stress of it all, physical and mental exhaustion, running a business, staff, coaching clients, and being a husband all got to me. However, sitting back now reflecting on it all, brings a few thoughts I thought I might share: 1️⃣ I wouldn’t change it for the world 2️⃣ Everything happens for a reason 3️⃣ The positive human characteristics, or GRIT, you develop from overcoming hardships or challenges like this, can NEVER be taken away from you, no matter what!

The strength, self belief and mental + physical toughness you develop in lifes challenges like this become PART OF YOUR DNA. You will ALWAYS be stronger and more resilient because of it. So if you’re going through a tough time - KEEP GOING! It WILL PASS and you will get through it. Believe in that, and own that shit. 4️⃣ Hard times bring out true friends. #loyalty is number one and #karma will run it’s course. So there’s no need to worry about anything. 5️⃣ Be grateful for EVERYTHING.

Even when I felt absolutely f*@ked, sore, no energy, swollen joints, blistered feet, hungry, and felt like quitting, I remained grateful for even little things, such as the fact that I can get out of bed and walk. Many people would die for the opportunities we have every single day. Yep, the ones we take for granted and overlook constantly because we’re worried about some other materialistic ‘keeping up with the jones’ bullshit. STAY GRATEFUL.

6️⃣ Be there for those, that were there for you. I was useless for months, but had the support of some very special people. My #1 main focus now, is to repay that. Because if you surround yourself with good people, who support each other and lift each other up when they need it, there are NO LIMITS as to how high you can go. I needed it bad, but now I’m back. So it’s time to lift others up. 7️⃣ Give to others. Share your journey, experiences, passions and teach others.

I shared a bit of my journey and had a pretty overwhelming response that really surprised me. Most of the time I post things I think “ah no one wants to hear your shit Daniel” But I guess there are a few people that found some benefit and thanked me. So, instead of focusing on the negatives of those that may not like it, I’m choosing to only focus on the positive and help the people who I can.