2018 ICN Rising Star and Rookie of the Year Championships are online

The 2018 ICN Rising Star and Rookie of the Year Championships are online and ready for ICN members to register. Internationally acclaimed as the worlds greatest beginner competition, the divisions and regulations surrounding this event go to great length to introduce beginners and relative novice level entrants and to protect them so their first encounter with our sport is a positive experience.
The ICN was the first to introduce qualification for the people just starting out in natural bodybuilding and sports modelling. Essentially there are two competitions running simultaneously on Sunday March 4th, 2018. The Rising Star component of the MEGA day is restricted for 'First time competitors in the division'. This means you have never competed in the division before in your life which includes all federations.
The other competition running during the day is the Rookie of the Year, this is restricted to members who have not competed in the division at more than 4 contests in your life, including all federations.
The really great news is that this very first major event of 2018 is a qualifier for two fabulous events staged later in the year being [A] The World Amateur Natural Titles (WANT) in Thailand on June 22nd, 2018 and even later [B] The ICN Australian Amateur Natural Championships on the 13th October, 2018. The Australian National Championships are widely regarded as the most prestigious national event in the world, in 2017 we had 800 entrants and fully expect to break 1,000 this year as we have some amazing major news in the pipeline.
We get asked this often and the answer is simple. Once you register via you get on the event promoters communications list and are the first to be briefed of changes, additions, news and anything and everything you should know. Relying on Facebook or your mate telling you isn't good enough especially seeing you are putting a lot on the line to compete, so it's vitally important to get on the communication list.
Next, we have been told repeatedly that because members went through the registration process it made it 'more real' in a way. They had a date but more importantly, they were actually 'In the Contest', they use this as a motivational to keep them going through any rough mental patches.
Due to the ICN advanced technology, a registered entrant can change divisions every other day, make all types of edits, like add a division, subtract one, simply swap one for another and so on. If you have an injury and have to withdraw you can do so without any penalty whatsoever providing of course that you haven't paid, once you pay you can no longer edit your entry. This is why we push our online payment to the last week before the event and of course also offer paying in person on the day in cash. We understand not everyone especially our younger entrants have credit cards so on contest day it's cash only.
The final thing that's great about early registration is that you can tell your friends and family that you are in, you can launch your 'Registration Success' image and post it on your social media. This helps you advertise the fact that you are in, goes part of the way to explaining to people what it is you are doing because many well meaning friends of first timers really don't get it, so this is a way of showing them, what natural bodybuilding and sports modelling is all about. Plus it helps our legendary promoter Tony Lanciano know the numbers so he can order the trophies and gifts that he showers his competitors with.
So in summary, the ICN strives very hard to make certain that the beginning sector of the sport are introduced in such a way that they will love it and want to compete more and more and stay with the sport for many years. The event always gets inundated with entrants from every state and territory in Australia and despite being for that early stage competitor it has the feel of a national event with state pride on the line, the Victorians always need to be at their best, it's a real competition and great fun for the spectators at the highly popular venue in the Moonee Valley Racecourse.