Katrina Wood ICN PRO wins 2017 NATLYMPIA in Bali

Katrina Wood ICN PRO: So many people to thank as well for their part in helping me achieve more than I imagined. The littlest thing from someone can completely change your belief and keep you going. I do hope I haven’t missed anyone.

To Vicki Arief f, @Claire McIntosh, @Agata Lis , LindaLily Mrkic, April Kinney, @Sam Attrill, Tami Shervey and Nicola Schoots. Thank you for your encouragement and believing in me when I doubted myself.

To my Shepp support crew, Vivien Florence, Nath Findlay and the Anytime Fitness people. It makes training so much better when you have great people around you.

To Ian Adams and Ron Ziemiecki you guys have been amazing supporters and sincerely appreciate everything you do for ICN.

To @Sarah Jade Corti for being my go to girl for working out my stage ‘looks’ and sounding board for so many little things.

To @Stuart Hinds and Toby Fraser for helping me manage my pelvis and “injuries”. Those 6 hr round trips have been worth it!

Finally to @Lochi Horner, my coach for the last 12 months. Not only have you given me the formula for creating my physique, but you have shown me how to stress less and also empower me to understand my body more. You’ve pushed my buttons, as I have also done to you. A credit to you for being able to take an athlete to not only winning a Pro Card but winning a Pro Comp all while you’ve been living in Thailand. I’ve guessed it’s been at least 18 weeks since we last caught up in person. Thankyou for everything