2017 building towards climax with NATLYMPIA to be held in paradise in Bali

What an amazing, insane, crazy good year we have had in 2017 building towards the climax of the NATLYMPIA to be held in paradise in Bali on the 28th October.

We have had so many highlights, so many records broken, so many competitions in new countries. We have grown to now be active in 57 countries firmly establishing ourselves as the world's leading natural alliance.

We remain 100% drug tested and WADA compliant and will never compromise our stance on banned substance use.

We launched our new name and impressive new logo, after all we had the old one for the previous 25 years, so in our 26th year we had a wardrobe change and the world has voted they like it.

We launched our PRO League and gave away substantial cash to deserving winners, not all of it to just one person but spread the wealth around as it always should have been.

As we look back at all the events that have led us to the NATLYMPIA we can say that we have had a great year and the party will begin right now as athletes, family, friends and supporters start flying into Bali for the greatest natural sporting event ever held and the Biggest After Party which can last up to a week for some of the more resilient amongst us. Register now and see you in Bali for the best time ever go to