Courts Lee Finn special Brisvegas invitation - Oct 21st - 22nd

Courts Lee Finn wrote this amazing invitation, we decided to reproduce it because this is an 100% honest and sincere invite: Who is coming!!!! Its going to be a bloody fantastic weekend!!!

Whether you are just starting your health and fitness journey or you have been training for years, the health and fitness expo has something for everyone

Come down to the convention centre next weekend and check it out!

My fave part is all the free taste testers, every bar, preworkout, aminos and yummy protein will be there for you to try.

Make sure you check out the Nutrition Warehouse stall for the best of the best supps n bars in town.

My personal fave and staple comp prep item are the maxines choc cookies and the caramel crunch bars. Oh and the bsc's on occasion

If you are there on sunday please come and watch the fitness and sports models at thw Brisbegas super show! We are on the main stage, you cant miss it!

Ill be sassing it up at the following times and would love love love to hear and see you in the crowd!!

1.45pm sportsmodel pro qual
4.20pm - fitnessmodel pro qual

Hope to see you all there!

Courts Lee Finn photograph by Nelson Azevedo