ICN ~ we are the GAMECHANGERS!!!

The future has never looked more certain or brighter thanks to the courageous decision of the iCompete Natural (ICN) to draw a line in the sand, start again from scratch, re-brand, create a new logo and image and to never compromise on our beliefs and integrity. After spending millions on state of the art technology that is years ahead of the sports technology available generally, plus walking away from 26 years of history because we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a better way forward for our sport, we took the brave action.
We went alone and started again but within the first 6 months, we have already forged strong alliances with dozens of nations and they are already running exciting events using our ICN portal and methodology. Australia alone has more than 50 events in the first year, including a half a dozen PRO events, hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money, trips to exotic locations for International events.
ICN has established a presence in China, USA, Canada half a dozen European countries, all of the United Kingdom is on board, several strong Asian nations including our magnificent WANT in Thailand and NATLYMPIA is Indonesia. We have nothing against other associations, good luck to them, we are only focused on our own performance. Our core values are unchanged since the day our founder the GAMECHANGER Wayne McDonald created them, a level playing field, no cheats, an event experience, more publicity and rewards for the actual athletes and the principles of fair play, good sport and good health.
Any association that can meet our drug testing requirements and wants to become part of the alliance can do so, that means you can still run your country your way or group of countries but it must be done on our proprietary software which delivers a consistent set of rules and regulations, methods and styles. We have a one world policy, you can join the ICN for free as a social member however if you want to compete you need to upgrade to a premium membership. A premium member can compete anywhere in the world and does not need to pay additional memberships for every country you go to, we find this obscene and this was the first thing we outlawed when we recreated ourselves as ICN.
The second thing we did was get rid of the dictator mentality and have a genuine democratic process where everyone votes on issues, this provides a pathway for new people to rise to the top if they are motivated to. We treat women equally with men and have almost a 50/50 male to female promoters rate.
We retain the hardest stance on drug taking, we have been the most aggressive association in Australia for the last 26 years all sports, including federally funded sports, yes that's right and you are just a few mouse clicks away from confirming it. No sport or other association has come within cooee of us and the long list of disqualified cheats is testimony to our unshakeable resolve.
So that's why the GAMECHANGER moniker, we earned it, we paid for it with a lifetime of sweat and now an entire new generation of people, officials and athletes are ready to work through the next lifetime. Our focus is fitness and health, the competitions are one way for people to display their transformations to their family and friends. Other ICN members who just want to be healthier versions of themselves can show off their transformations on the FREE ICN Fit Wall, it's our gift to the people of the Earth. Our Members Portal has been translated into more than 22 languages and growing. The entire ICN Network is totally FREE for life, no charge ever unless you wish to compete in a sanctioned competition. We have been called the Facebook for Fitness, we like that analogy and can promise you that nothing is more important to us than our members welfare and best interests. We are the GAMECHANGERS!!!