ICN WANT 2018 - (22nd - 24th June, 2018) - Global Press Release

Chairman Wayne McDonald announced today from his Villa in Phuket, based on the recent success of the ICN World Amateur Natural Titles (WANT) plus the unanimous decision at the world congress that the 2018 WANT would again be held in Phuket. The contracts were signed between the luxury resort 'The Slate' and the major sponsors in and elaborate ceremony hours ago.

The 2018 version of WANT will be exactly one year less a day from this year's magnificent event, which sits perfectly within the A Season calendar, weather conditions, tourist seasonality and many other factors.

The 2017 WANT was probably the most successful World Championships ever run by a new association with less than 6 months game time. To get 150 entrants from more than a dozen countries is so far ahead of what any other association has ever done on their first year of incorporation.

2018 WANT already has pledges from the United Kingdom, Canada and the most powerful USA to bring teams, whilst the nation's that attended this year will massively increase in size. ICN Australia's Belinda Brereton has been booked to go to France to teach Judging, the small but successful Chinese team will undoubtedly grow, as will Nepal (which was no surprise to insiders that they performed magnificently).

Chairman McDonald agreed with ICN International Events Director Ron Ziemiecki that we 'learned a lot' and will undergo a very thorough evaluation of all our systems and processes to further enhance the event. One spectacular highlight from a plethora of great things to come out of WANT 2017 was the live results on the ICN International Fitness Wall (lovingly known as 'The Wall'). Tens of thousands of hits were recorded during the day as the results were posted at the exact instant they were announced in Phuket.

This live results plus winners images methodology exclusive to the ICN was developed and trialed over the last two years in Victorian events and successfully deployed at WANT 2017. The ability for all people of the world to get the results and images live in their own language and totally free of charge is the global game changer the rest of the sports world will eventually have to come over to the ICN for.

At a cost of almost AUD$1.5 million the entire ICN multi portal system is proprietary owned software that no other sporting association can download, copy or source. It is the culmination of almost three decades of industry experience and the last five years of programming to create this best of breed technology.

ICN newly re-branded to stand alone and rewrite the sport, made many promises and delivered on all of them. No one gives a better event experience, no one treats athletes better, gives more to the athletes both in real terms and in global exposure. We run the ICN as a business, we treat our members like customers, we must give them the best possible experience every time for them to keep coming back, Ron Ziemiecki stated.

ICN WANT 2018 will take off where this year's event left off, we will grow it bigger, better, smoother and with the heart and soul of hundreds of promoters around the world who are new, young, enthusiastic and passionate. Set your calendar right now, make the pledge to be on stage in Phuket on 22nd to 24th June 2018 - you can do it, if you really WANT to.