2017 ICN World Amateur Natural Titles (WANT) medals

Simply wow, that is the reaction racing around the globe as people see the 2017 ICN World Amateur Natural Titles (WANT) medals that were announced today at a media press release attended by all the leading industry scribes and journalists. To say they are stunning is a gross understatement, these are clearly the best ever produced in international sport. They serve a dual role, initially to be worn by the victorious world champions on the day of the contest and in post contest media activities and after parties and so on. The secondary role is that they can be displayed on a wall or in a trophy cabinet as an artwork and enjoyed for the rest of the athletes life. These medals exclusive to ICN have take several years of development to be created to such a high standard with some 'Undisclosed' fraud protection built in, the 'others' will find it hard to copy these like they copy everything else, a leading security adviser was overheard to say. Registration to WANT is open and only at the global leader in natural spots technology.