ICN Technology creates sporting history at Moonee Valley Race Course

Wayne McDonald mastermind of the ICN Technology which has revolutionized competition entry and management worldwide was on hand for the first 100% exclusively computer operated natural bodybuilding and sports modelling competition at the Moonee Valley racecourse. Flanked by beautiful women the legendary visionary who sank more than a million Australian dollars into building exclusive proprietary software that allows people from anywhere in the world to connect, enter competitions, manage their event and careers, interact socially, have live instant results and much more was very pleased when 498 entrants competed in the ICN Rising Star and Rookie of the Year event.
Wayne McDonald began natural sport in Australia 26 years ago whilst owing and operating several magazines and decided around 2010 that the sporting world needed to move towards computers to stay relevant and not get left behind. After trying for years to convince the established sports associations this was the way of the future and continually coming up against roadblocks, he took the profound decision to walk away from his 26 year association with his former association and start his own called iCompete Natural which is now known internationally as ICN.
Wayne started using ICN technology as he was developing it in 2013 introducing members throughout Australia via improved login, registration and unprecedented editing capabilities. Then in 2016 ran the first official exclusive ICN event in Bali called the ICN Paradise International Pro/Am which was a stunning success. As of January 2017 Wayne McDonald announced going it alone and changed his association name to ICN, created a new impressive and more modern logo, reaffirmed agreements with ASADA and yesterday ran the historic first Australian event which was exclusively computer controlled by ICN technology.
Interestingly at exactly the same time history was being created at Moonee Valley across the world in the Czech Republic, a second competition was being created for natural competitors in that European nation using ICN Technology. Since January 2017, 22 countries have flocked to join the ICN International Association and just last Friday ICN China was launched with access to more than a billion people it makes ICN the largest natural Sporting Association on Earth. Several people who rejected ICN a few years ago will no doubt be kicking themselves that they shut the door in Wayne's face as there is no doubt that his formula for running events is a guaranteed winner.
Wayne McDonald a mild mannered and down to Earth regular man however isn't interested in the politics of sport and simply says, our countries that haven't been taken yet are available to associations or individual promoters providing they truly believe in being natural and are prepared to have their competitions drug tested by WADA accredited organizations as for example ASADA does in Australia. Any International inquires for acceptance into ICN Worldwide should be made via e-mail to the ICN International Events Director Ron Ziemiecki on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
As a final note, work on ICN Technology is not stopping, we are partnering other technology companies, implementing new features and improving on what we have all the time, our IT department has grown to 12 full time staff and the future is certainly bright. Everyone is welcome at ICN competitions regardless of their past providing they are in good standing with our anti-doping partners ASADA. There has been a lot of propaganda disseminated by the other associations that are suffering with dwindling event numbers whilst ICN expands and grows and just to make sure that everyone knows the truth, the ICN does not and has not ever imposed sanctions on people competing in rival associations.