Sports Model


Sports Models should have a Fit, athletic, and toned look. They are judged in sportswear (usually supplied). The reason we separated Sports Models & Fitness Models is because the girls can look totally different in Bikini & Sportswear and made it very hard to judge. One girl's physique might be more suited in Bikini & not in Sportswear or vice versa and then some might fit well in both. As in this picture, you can clearly see same girl same show, her body looks different in both. Some Bikini Models can also be suited well in Sports Model. That's why we allow Fitness Models & Bikini Models to compete in both.



The poses from top to bottom, left to right are:

Sportsmodel: Variation Front Pose

Sportsmodel: Variation 1/4 turn to right

Sportsmodel Variation: 1/4 turn to face rear of stage

Sportsmodel Variation: 1/4 turn to right