Rod Wark

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Name: Rod Wark
State: ACT
Judging Experience: 11 years
Contact Details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph: 0408 485 362

My name is Rod Wark, I am in business in the security and food industries.

I am the director of Elite Security & Protection in Canberra and are considered specialists in aspects of the industry through scope of work and the level of professionalism. I also train and work with protection/security dog or K-9's as they are called.

My interest and continued dedication to the fitness industry began at 15 when I first got the call to train and get 'big' and by 18 I was working in gyms leading up to owning my own in the 1990s.

During this time I have always judged and promoted bodybuilding in the ACT and at the interstate level. Learning the aspect of judging criteria takes many years to perfect as trends and federations change. My love for the sport my admiration of the athletes who dedicate themselves to a path and a goal drives me to continue to give my time, resources and passion without compromise.

There has been a severe lack in the nutritional support I believe for athletes in these areas of higher and higher standards in competition, nutrition being the number one foundation of any body shape transformation. So I created a new business called Super Fit Food providing high protein portion controlled meals for body building, muscle toning and weight loss athletes. Super Fit Food is dedicated to supporting people motivated by lifestyle changes, goals in body composition and general well being and it follows the very same high standards in quality consistency and delivery I bring to my judging.

Over the years I have had many interests but my love of the body building sport is only rivaled by my passion for horses where I competed in Rodeos primarily in steer wrestling and team roping, and in 'Western' and country shows which includes reining, western pleasure and trail fueled my competitive drive.