The Men that built an empire because they had a dream

INBA Australia Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness Model & Bikini Model Competitions.

Wayne McDonald (on the left) and Denny Kakos the two men that have spent their entire adult lives in the pursuit of excellence for natural athletes. These two men just refuse to compromise, then will never tolerate drug taking as a method for a healthy life. During their lives they have spent millions of dollars on drug testing and well let's be really honest, others in similar positions (no names) haven't spent that money, they kept the cash and bought stuff and live high - but these two men are modest in the extreme, working 7 days a week and are just regular men doing anything but a regular job.

As a tribute to you both, let's hope that this Dubai Natural World Championships breaks every record ever written in terms of athlete numbers, audience numbers and more importantly in the drug-free quality of the athletes who continue to prove that they look sensational and it can be done on just hard regular work at the gym and a lifetime of clean eating.

Well done men, you are the best leaders we could possibly ever have, an inspiration to millions of people the world over and no finer gentlemen exist anywhere. Have a simply sensational championships. We think you'll agree this INBA Australia news item is a ripper, please share on Facebook with our friends.